Quickview for YouTube

-UPDATE- My first user review on Chrome Web Store 😀

5-stars yay!

5-stars yay!

I released Quickview for Youtube on the Chrome Web Store last right, it was a really exciting 30 mins.

Beads of sweat trickling down my faces as I waited in anticipation for the zip file complete uploading, cursor hovering above the “Pubish now” button, as if I need to click it before it disappears suddenly. “Completed.” Within a split second I pressed my mouse left button as hard as I could and then it was live, on the Chrome Web Store. I would get millions of users and everyone would love what I did. But first let me see if it works. Bam. Reality strikes hard. I uploaded a wrong version. “Take it down, take it down” I told myself as I maneuvered what seemed like a labyrinth of links to finally reach the console where I could remove it. No way I was going to ship something that broken. Within minutes, things have turned out well.

Perhaps things weren’t that dramatic but it really was a unnerving experience publishing my first Chrome extension. But that night I did so, friends told me they are using it, liked it, and shared it with their friends. So I’m very happy they found it useful.

From a technical perspective, this extension is definitely not difficult. I had to learn bits about DOM, constantly refer to the jQuery API, check out Web Platform and the MDN; and I’m really glad there are so many great resources for anyone interested. I recently read a book called Clean Code by Robert C. Martin, and I wanted to apply some principles I learned, such as proper meaningful naming, and simple do one thing functions. It is not as DRY as I like it to be, so there’s lots of room for improvement.  While building Quickview, I had moments where I needed to decide which was the better way to do things. Here I learned something about trade-offs, such as clever-looking code v.s. maintainability.

I have a long way to go, but Quickview is definitely a small step, and hopefully in the right direction.

PS. Quickview is open-source.