Summer 2013

There isn’t exactly a summer over here, but it’s just simpler to call it that. So, the long awaited summer holidays are already here, and it can only go two ways:

  1. Do nonsense
  2. Do useful stuff

Now, number 2 is obviously the the preferred option, but it is kind of vague. So I made a plan, now I’m a man with a plan:

Badly drawn mind map

Badly drawn mind map

I classified the useful stuff that I can do into two broad categories: Self and Others.

Self is well, about myself. My mind, heart, body. Others has to do with, surprise, other people! And those people are my family and friends. The idea behind this plan is self-improvement, without disregarding the relationships I have with people and also my social life. Notice that there is a bit of an overlap between Heart (which has to do with Self), and Others. Which I feel is natural. This actually brings to mind a Chinese proverb along the lines of

“Train yourself, grow a family, rule the country, make world peace”*

You need to start working on yourself, before you can move on to bigger things.

I identified numerous activities I can do to achieve my goals, but since I have only ~90 days, I narrowed it down to these five:

  • Orbital (Mind: consolidating knowledge)
  • Design (Mind: acquiring new knowledge, exploration)
  • Basketball (Body: health and fitness)
  • Family dinners (Heart: kinship)
  • Orientation camps (Heart: friendship, social life)

For ease of remembering, I formulated the acronym DOFOB. It is meant to be pronounced like DAFUQ, but just with DOFOB. Anyway, 5 goals, 90 days; I think I can manage.

* That’s an absolutely horrible translation, but I hope you get the idea. Start from yourself, then slowly effect change in the bigger picture.