Wireless charging

Image courtesy of The Verge

Lumia 920 and 820 brings to us wireless charging, and I was just thinking about how it can bring little conveniences into our lives if wireless charging is to become more common. Here’s a little idea:

A laptop that has an ejection disk drive, but you don’t put disks inside. Instead you place your phone on a little platform that slides out, and your phone is charged via induction.

And to dream a little bigger, NFC sharing with your laptop!

There, no more USB-microUSB-19-pin-etc mess, less chargers to bring around and less worry about insufficient wall sockets.


IFA 2012 : Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Note II (with video preview)

1280 x 780 5.5inch display, Jelly Bean, 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos, 8MP rear-facing camera.

Samsung Ativ S

Windows Phone 8, 4.2inch 720p display, 1.5GHz dual-core, 8MP rear-facing camera 1.9MP front-facing camera

Samsung Galaxy Camera

16MP, 21x Optical Zoom, Jelly Bean

Samsung Ativ Tab

10.1inch Windows RT, 1.5GHz dual-core, 2GB RAM

Ativ Smart PC, Ativ Smart PC Pro

Hybrid tablet with keyboard dock.

11.6inch display, Intel Atom vs Intel i5, 2GB RAM vs 4GB RAM

All pictures courtesy of The Verge, click through them for more coverage!

Playing Games for All the Wrong Reasons – IGN

Playing Games for All the Wrong Reasons – IGN.

Justin Davis had a epiphany that he gamed excessively when he was having troubles in the real world. View the source to read his analysis on why so.

On a side note, the author mentions that unlike real life, in games, if you spend sufficient time, you are guaranteed to be more powerful, to level-up. But isn’t it that way in life too? In order to be good at something, say blogging or programming, you need to spend many hours at it. Sure you will face challenges (a hard boss in game), but whats important is that you don’t give up, keep trying (grinding) and then eventually when you gain more experience (better gear, upgrade skills), you will be able to emerge a stronger person.

OnLive lost: how the paradise of streaming games was undone by one man’s ego | The Verge

OnLive lost: how the paradise of streaming games was undone by one man’s ego | The Verge.

” Perlman received the news in the OnLive booth at E3 2010. “He went ballistic,” one witness recalls. “We had to slam the conference room shut and crank up the music so people wouldn’t hear him.” “

Really in-depth story of how OnLive’s CEO brought the company down. Sad to see a company advocating such promising technology go down just because of one person’s selfishness.