How to Go On in Life

I wanted to title this post
“How to be successful in life”, but I realized I wasn’t in a position
to give such advice. I am barely successful (compared to the
many stories I have heard). But I guess I can at least go on in life.

I suck.

I read this post recently, saying that sometimes you have
to tell yourself its okay that you suck. That really brought
some perspectives to me.
For me? I suck at a lot of things.
I thought I was good at math, until I went to University and realized,
damn, math is freaking hard, and I’m getting owned by the other students.
I thought I was decent at basketball, because I played a lot when I was younger;
but oh man I played yesterday and I was BEAT after half an hour.
I thought I was a good runner, trained pretty hard and completed 2 marathons
thus far; but I dropped out halfway through my last marathon.
I thought I could dance not bad; but I lost passion halfway, didn’t practice
anymore, and I’m just whack now.
And I’m going to stop here in case my ego collapse on itself.

Think about someone who is the best at something. Maybe the fastest
man on Earth under 100m: Usain Bolt? There has to be something he isn’t good at.
Maybe dancing? Maybe not? How about Lance Armstrong? He was the best. Until
they found out he took drugs. That sucked. The point is, everyone has
to suck at SOMETHING.

I guess admitting that you suck at something is important. Yet at the same
time it’s trivial. What is more important is what happens after you
admit that you suck. What are you going to do about it?
Two ways to go about:

1) Continue sucking
2) Suck less

Life is short. There’s only so many things that we can do
in this few decades. That’s why for some things, we can only continue
to suck at, but for others, we can try to suck less.

For things that we would like to continue to suck at, we should just
not do anything about it. It will be a waste of our effort if we tried.
For me, I am willing to suck at running, with the knowledge that I have
had some achievements in that activity. I’m happy I have completed
marathons before, and just tell myself that I will be satisfied
not breaking that 5-hr mark.

But for things that we would like to suck less in, work needs to be done.
How do you get yourself to suck less?
Do it one. Step. At. A. Time.

Here’s my plan. I want to suck less at two things: Dancing, and Programming.
For Dance, the first step is to, well, dance! The great thing is that
I have friends who are still dancing. I can just easily hop on and join
them. I believe I will have a fantastic time.
For Programming, I’ll need to hack something up. I really like reading
about programming, but all reading and no hands-on makes me a dull boy.
No wait I mean… The main point is that I should work on something.

Those two sentences don’t exactly sound like small steps. Those are really
goals; it is me beginning with an end in mind. Somewhere on some piece of paper
or post-it, I will have to sketch out my steps again. Sketch out steps that I will take
one. Step. At. A. Time.

And maybe it will look something like this.
Buy shoes. (Not going to break in my Tigers)
Train some six-steps. (Because foundation is important as hell)
Get my swipes back. (‘Cos those things were what I did best)
Halo. (Old vid but great vid)
Get a beanie because Halo’s causing me to bald. (And to look cool)
More halos. (Rinse)
More swipes. (Repeat)
Find more moves. (Keep learning)
Learn the moves. (Keep improving)
Invent moves. (Be original)
Talk to my bros. (They are my inspiration)

Code a reverse polish calculator.
Code an infix calculator.
Hack together something that talks to GDrive. (That’s my project in mind)

G+ post here.


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