Google IO 2012 Day 1

Missed the Google IO 2012 Keynote? No worry here are the major announcements!

Project Glass

Live Demo of Project Glass at Google IO 2012

Hands-on by TechCrunch with more photos

Details of Google Glass by Engadget with more photos

Get glass when you pre-order glass! by Engadget

How Google pulled off their Project Glass demo [TechCrunch]


Google+ Events video

Google+ App for Android hands-on [The Verge]

Google+ App for Android and iOS by Wired

Nexus 7

Google Nexus 7

Hands-on by Engadget

Hands-on by Gizmodo

Hands-on by TechCrunch

Hands-on [Wired]

Nexus Q

Nexus Q

Nexus Q hands-on by Engadget

Nexus Q hands-on by Gizmodo
More coverage by The Verge

Android Jelly Bean

Google Now Traffic card
Google Now Appointment card

Jelly Bean hands-on by The Verge

Speed comparison between Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich by Gizmodo

Google Now and its hands-on by The Verge

Google Play with movie, TV, magazine support by The Verge

New YouTube app for Android by Engadget


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