Data in the Fast Lane – Microsoft Research

Data in the Fast Lane – Microsoft Research.

Microsoft researches have shattered world records for MinuteSort, which is a benchmark that measures how much data can be sorted in a minute. What do I mean by shattered? Compared to the previous record, held by a  Yahoo! team, Microsoft managed to sort nearly thrice the amount of data (1,401 GBs vs 500GBs), using a fifth of the resources (1,033 disks vs 5,624 disks).

I think this advancement is just amazing. This will mean that our searches are very likely to be even faster and smarter. Considering that our searches now take less than a second, this extra computation and sorting power can be used to improve on search algorithms to be more semantic and human like. It can also be used on large data sets to analyze trends and predict outcome of events, contributing to fields like psychology and other social sciences.

This what what I love about computing, amazing things happen nearly everyday. The future looks good!


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