MacBook Air

The extremely popular MBA
Image courtesy of Apple

The latest Mission: Impossible movie, directed by Brad Bird (who directed two movies for Pixar Animation Studios (DIS), formerly owned by Steve Jobs), featured eight minutes of screen time for iPhones, iPads, and iMacs, according to Eric Smallwood, senior vice president with Front Row Marketing Services. Smallwood estimates the value of that screen time at $23 million. BMW (BMW) cars were also featured prominently in the blockbuster, but the carmaker agreed to make a number of investments to support the film, according to Ruben Igielko-Herrlich, co-founder of Propaganda Gem, which arranged the deal. BMW spent millions making custom cars for the film and shipping them to sets in Dubai and elsewhere. It also featured the movie in its own ads and hosted screenings at dealerships.

via BusinessWeek

Pretty amazing how much some companies are willing to pay for product placement, but Apple just gets its products into places because the producers love them. Cult is an apt word.

Maybe its time for companies to start producing things that look better than the MBA, so that featuring those products will actually add a coolness factor into the movie? Product leaks (on purpose) in movies/serials? Could be an option!


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