Mind-Blowing Disney Sensor Tech Brings Gesture Based Computing To Everyday Objects via GIZMODO

This new technology just puts touchscreen to shame. Not only does it detect when you place your finger on it, it actually detects which finger, how many fingers, if you are pinching or grasping! There’s more. They expanded the demo to many everyday utilities such as doorknobs, table tops, and even in the water! (It detects how many fingers are in the water, and if your entire hand is submerged. Amazing stuff. Really Disney-like technology.
32-inch ‘LaserSaber’ lights up your Star Wars dreams, burns the curtains (video) via engadget


Image Courtesy of freshnessmag

No its not a true light saber, but this thing comes pretty close. Pretty apt considering how Star Wars day was on May 4th!

TC Cribs: Inside Box’s Bigger And Better New HQ – Slides, Scooters And All via TechCrunch


Image courtesy of Google

Some of you might know Box, the cloud storage service provider. And after watching this video exploring their offices, some of you might just want to work there! Features a slide down the 3-storey building, a kangaroo which builds the website, and a prison in the canteen!?

The fun continues at Thefuture.fm.


Image courtesy of thefuturefm

THE FUTURE.FM is your access to the best music in the world
– recorded live at exclusive events in New York, in the nightclubs of Berlin, at festivals in Ibiza, and hand-picked from all over the net.
All of this, right here, for free.

Awesome and worth your time. Check it out now. [SOURCE]


Exclusive Video: Making the Hulk, Avengers’ Big, Green Smashing Machine via WIRED

Riding on the waves of AWESOMENESS that The Avenger’s have spawned, here’s a video regarding the VFX in in the movie, with extra focus on Hulk.


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