All your Samsung Galaxy S III coverage, listed here:

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III

Check out the official commercial, then see the initial hands on, video, and preview. There is a detailed look at the HD Super AMOLED display.

Compare the Galaxy S III, One X, Lumia 900 (HSPA+), Galaxy Nexus (GSM), iPhone 4S, Galaxy S II in terms of specs, and also look at the benchmark results.

Lots of goodies with the S III: Scan-and-Match feature for its Music Hub service50GB free DropBox storage and new features in its TouchWiz Nature UX, which includes things like Smart Stay and S Voice, and also a cool feature called Pop-up play, which lets you play a video on top of any app.

My own thoughts? Initially I felt that the phone didn’t look as nice as I hoped, but after looking at Samsung’s official site, it seems pretty nice! Probably got to do with camera angles. The new features sounds great, but I’m not sure if people will actually want to watch videos on top of other apps (multi-task). Some functions are best left for the 15-inch monitors. Check out the links above and leave your thoughts below.

via THE VERGE and engadget



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