From the company that first gave us an email service with so much space, 5 years on and i’m using just 5% of the gazillion gigabytes* that I have (maybe I just don’t email enough), comes Google Drive. As of now it isn’t available to me yet, so I can’t do a service review or anything, but check out this coverage by THE VERGE (one of my most favorite sites now!)

The most important thing about Google Drive is that it is the same as Google Docs, you will not feel like using a new product, but it allows you to upload all kinds of files. Heard of DropBox? Same service. Heard of SkyDrive? Same service. Essentially all these services have a common goal, to help you keep your files in sync.

By now you are probably having problems deciding which service to choose. Why not try all of them and see which one provides you with the features you love the most? Or alternatively, check another another article by THE VERGE, which compares the bazillion different cloud sync services available out there.

*EDIT: Gmail offers 10GB (Just 10? I thought I had like a gazillion. Hm..)


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