Facebook is the best, Facebook is the worst

Facebook is the best, Facebook is the worst via The Verge Forums

The population of Facebook, to me, is really the only thing that makes Facebook special. Other networks have status updates and photo sharing and chat functionality. Even if they do those things twice as good as FB, it doesn’t matter if since they don’t have a critical mass. Facebook must know this, but they seem to project that other attributes besides its size differentiate it. And this projection comes though with each successive update.

Exactly. Facebook is an immovable giant right now. Every time I fire up my browser, I am tempted to log in to Facebook just to look at what people are doing, even I am not updating my status, checking in at a place, or uploading my photos. I just want to keep updated with my friends lives so that the next time we meet I will not ask questions that gets “Oh haven’t you seen it on my Facebook?” replies. And besides, isn’t “Hey I saw on your Facebook …” a good ice breaker?


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