Two companies join IBM’s quest for a long-range, air-powered electric car battery via The Verge

Unlike today’s EV batteries, which are usually based on a lead-acid or nickel-metal hydride (or, more rarely, lithium-ion) standard, IBM’s theoretical battery would run on a combination of lithium ions and oxygen pulled from the atmosphere. […] the car would pull in oxygen, which would then react with the lithium to power the car. When the battery is charged, the process would be reversed, and the oxygen would be released back into the atmosphere. IBM says such a battery could be incredibly dense by current standards, letting it run huge distances.

Great to see IBM investing in clean energy for the future and with a strong company like IBM I believe this technology will be receiving sufficient focus and funds to be developed as a viable option in the near future. Point to note is that IBM doesn’t expect such technology to be feasible till 2020 or 2030. Props to them for putting effort into something that they probably will not see results till at least a decade later.


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