YouTube revamps audio editing suite, now includes over 150,000 backing tracks via THE VERGE

Image courtesy of THE VERGE

As part of its continuing efforts to improve service — and your videos — YouTube is implementing some significant enhancements to its on-site audio editing package. Aside from a revamping of the general UI, YouTube has worked on its AudioSwap feature, which lets you add music over your video. The audio editing suite now has a slider to aid in finely tuning the mixing levels of music and the original audio, a “featured tracks” area to help with song discovery, and YouTube has also added a ton of royalty-free tracks to choose from, bringing its total to over 150,000.

In short: new, sharper UI for controlling audio to videos, and many songs to choose as back ground music. Awesome upgrade for YouTubers.

*Bonus: check out the comments section for some interesting view on why Google should pay more attention to YouTube. Frankly I dislike the new homepage I see when I’m signed in, and the new browse functions throws up loads of videos from years ago. Not good.


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