Digital ecosystems: an in-depth comparison via THE VERGE

This very comprehensive article on The Verge talks about six big companies, namely Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Sony, and how these that lets you a wide variety of services within their own ecosystem. For example you might be very familiar with websites that requires to sign in via Facebook or Google+ to comment, or Apple’s suite of lifestyle devices.

Image courtesy of The Verge

Vlad Savov, the author, compares various sectors that the companies are involved in, such as songs, movies, games, payments etc, and analyses how the different companies’ offerings match up against one another.

The article is a pretty long read but I’m sure you’ll come out more knowledgeable, and perhaps full of opinions, so why not share them at the comments below!

My favorite part of the article was the conclusion, which sums up very aptly:

Use Gmail, but don’t bother with Google+. Buy an iPhone, but don’t rely on iCloud. Get a PS3, but steer clear of the Unlimited streaming services. Own a Windows 8 tablet without buying the Zune Music Pass. For today at least, the integration of multiple services into one package is more helpful to the company trying to sell its full bundle of goods than for the user looking for a seamless digital experience.

In short, use services you like, and don’t be tempted to dive in to an entire suite offered by just one company.


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