Udacity CS 101: First Programming Quiz

I hope as you are reading this you would have completed the second quiz, which was kind of weird because they gave radio buttons as selections when Professor Evans clearly said hinted that there were more than one correct answers. Perhaps yo should pick the answer that you think is the best and most encompassing.

Moving on! Time to finally get your hands dirty. Introducing the print command, which you use to print characters out to the output screen (bottom half). If you could only print numbers that would defeat the purpose of a programming language. Luckily we find out that arithmetic expressions work too! Operators like + (plus), – (minus), * (multiply), / (divide) and even parentheses work!

At the end of the video we get our first programming exercise, simple exercise:

Write a Python program that prints out the number of minutes in seven weeks.

Pretty straightforward do comment here if you are unable to figure out the concepts that Professor Evans has introduced and I’ll try my best to explain it to you.

*Edit: After watching the video of the answer I finally realized why they choose this simple exercise. This module will be lasting seven weeks! Okay interesting discovery that I should have noticed earlier.*


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