Udacity CS 101: Unit 1 (Introduction, Web Crawler, First Quiz)

Alright finally we can start with Unit 1! And just as I log in i found the new homepage design quite pretty! Neat, clean feel to it. And a very well designed logo.

Udacity logo, courtesy of http://www.udacity.com

Though I think the orange theme suited the idea of Udacity more. So straight up we’re greeted with a fantastic announcement and basically the quote below sums it up all:

The two courses that are offered for the second time – CS101 (Building a Search Engine) and CS373 (Programming a Robotic Car) will have no deadlines, and you will be able to work through them at your own pace. You can start at any time, and take as much time as needed to finish the course. This self-paced version of the courses will stay open and accessible for everyone, even if at later time a revised version of these courses will be released.

As you might already have read from the FAQs, the modules used to have deadlines and exams, much like real university courses. I think their decision to make these two (very popular) courses free of deadlines will definitely increase the accessibility for all users. But also this decision goes off-track of their original idea of an online university. Deadlines are a major part of schooling don’t you agree?

Okay enough talking lets head to the video lectures!

So first a quick introduction by our two lovely professors again giving you some basic information on the module. Next up the super star co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin, makes a guest appearance. Professor Evans then starts the lesson proper, telling you what is a web crawler and ideally how this web crawler will ideally function at the end of 7 weeks.

Web Crawler Illustration

Image courtesy of http://www.viralpate.net

He gives a comprehensive yet concise breakdown on what we will be doing in the weeks ahead, and the future looks great!

Right after this video is the First Quiz. Feels a lot like school already doesn’t it? Fret not this is just a simple Multiple Choice Question, pretty easy but just take note when he says “check as many answers as you think are correct”. Like Professor Evans mentioned, these quizzes (you’re bound to get many more as you proceed along the module) do not count towards the final grade, but it’ll be best if you get it right the first time around, it means you have fully grasp their concept introduced in previous lectures. So check back after you’ve completed the First Quiz!


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