Udacity CS 101: Introduction

The module is starting later today! So why not head down to the course page and watch the introduction video, guest appearance by Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google.

In the video you will be introduced to the two professors who will be your ‘teachers’ in this module, Professor Evans (David) and Professor Thrun (Sebastian). As you can see from their short write-up on the same webpage, they are both really very accomplished professors. So you can assure yourself that you are in the safest hands possible and what you will be receiving will be top-grade knowledge.

Like they said, at the end of the module you will have your own functional search engine! It is definitely not as advanced as Google’s but I know I will be really proud to have a search engine to call my own. Do check out the FAQ tab on the same page to find out more about the course, such as the programming language we will be using (Python), how to get help (besides commenting here there is a student forum) etc.

I’m pretty excited for this module and I hope you are too!


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