Merits of Motorcycling

I was thinking about my first post on WordPress just a few hours ago, while I was on my way home from work. There were so many things I could start writing about, which should it be? And then the idea struck: I would write about the thing in between my legs! And hence we are on the topic of motorcycling 🙂

I specifically do not want to write about the pros and cons of motorcycling, but rather focus on the merits. Because I’m sure the ills of this activity is well known. And also quite a number of people have approached me on this topic when they find out that I ride, some of them interested in learning how to ride, and some of them just really curious why I continue riding even when it is so dangerous. So heres why:

Motorcycling is Economical

I guess this is probably the top reason why anyone would pick motorcycles over cars. For information on fuel consumption, I went over to oneshift, the BMW 5 Series 525i (A), the best user-submitted fuel consumption is 9.0km/litre. Looking at a middle-end car, the Honda Jazz 1.4 is more than twice as economical as the BMW at 22.0km/litre. So this is just an idea of how much you will be spending on petrol if you own a car. On the other hand, my bike delivers 47km/litre. A bike (especially a small bike like mine) definitely wins there is nothing we can do about it. Smaller vehicle = less power needed to move = less petrol needed.

Next thing, the Certificate of Entitlement (COE). At the latest bidding, COE for cars 1600 CC and below costs nearly $59,000, and for cars above 1600C it is at $83,700. Motorcycles? $1,896. And lets not get into the details of monthly maintenance and servicing.

TL;DR – Motorcycling is just cheaper, its the law of physics.

Motorcycling is Convenient

Ever been stuck in a traffic jam, not moving a single inch? Well I haven’t, at least not on my bike. Sure weaving through traffic is a dangerous stunt,and should not be performed without sufficient experience and maturity. When I first started riding, I would stay behind cars at the junction and wait patiently for the lights to change. But slowly, I would inch closer to the front. In that scenario, cars were packed head to tail, there would be no chance of them swerving to the side, and hence filtering in between the lanes would not be as dangerous. There are appropriate times to cut through the traffic, but only when you

  • have sufficient experience in judging road conditions,
  • practise caution in predicting and preparing for the unexpected,
  • understand the possible consequence of your action.

TL;DR – Not getting stuck in a jam, ease of finding a parking lot.

Motorcycling encourages responsible thinking

When you are no longer protected by a metal shell, you seem to see more clearly the value and fragility of life.  The thought of being in control of a machine that is capable of taking away the lives of others or yourself is frightening, and it forces you to consider your actions carefully. Its really a learning process for me that can be applied to everywhere else.

TL;DR – You have to be responsible for your behaviour and attitude on the road.

Motorcycling is Fun

For me, this would be the number one reason why I choose to ride. It is really fun. The thrill that speed and acceleration brings, the wind blowing in your face, the dark clouds ahead threatening to cut short your journey, the smooth travel from one place to another without worrying about traffic, the ease of finding a parking lot… Motorcycling has something for everyone. And for me, the merits do outweigh the danger, that is why I’m sticking to it.

TL;DR – Motorcycling is FUN. Contact the nearest school to pick it up 🙂

Are those enough reasons for you to try motorcycling? I wouldn’t bet on it. But I know for me it has been and will continue to be a very valuable and exciting learning experience.


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